About Us

A free, comprehensive, world-class Movement Literacy program for everyone, everywhere.

Free2Play is a not-for-profit [501(c)(3)] organization. Free2Play's purpose is to teach movement literacy to every one of all ages and abilities. It's dynamic program is founded upon Applied Functional Science®, which naturally integrates the physical, biological, and behavioral sciences, thus creating a logical system for acquiring literacy in human movement - from simple to complex, fundamental to skillful.

Free2Play empowers each and every person to be an athlete - one who perspires and inspires. Free2Play cultivates each athlete's abilities (Perspire.) and personal capacity to contribute to the wellbeing of others (Inspire.).

Free2Play is a trusted, world-class program powered by Gray Institute. For over 35 years, Gray Institute has been internationally acclaimed for its innovative approach, development, and implementation of Applied Functional Science® in transforming the lives of people through performance, prevention, and rehabilitation training.

The Free2Play System

Functionality for Athletes

Everyone can be an athlete! Athletes utilize and progress through the comprehensive Matrix Library. Athletes explore, expand, and enhance their physical potential, ability, and skills anywhere at any time. Athletes practice their newfound abilities, prove their ongoing successes, and coach others in the process. Athletes are encouraged with personalized online tools, support, and recognition found in each athlete's "My Locker."

Functionality for Coaches

Everyone can also be a coach! Coaches utilize online strategies / resources to empower the achievement in others. Coaches have a management system that provides multiple views into what their athletes and group(s) of athletes are doing and achieving. Coaches have the opportunity to provide athletes with the right support, accountability, and encouragement on an ongoing basis. Online tools, tracking, and reporting equip Coaches for optimal leadership and impact.

Hundreds of Videos

Free2Play is continually expanding its comprehensive library of assets! Assets including Matrix Plays, Matrix Playouts, Play It Forward, Applied Functional Science® (Strategies, Nomenclature, and Sign Language), Pump & Praise (3D Synchronized Training, 3D Circuit Training, and 3D Locomotor Training), and Coach (strategies and management system), as well as functionality and capabilities of the entire system, are constantly being expanded and enhanced.